Misc. Photos

The photos on this page are truly miscellaneous photos from around the world. I have included these photos on this page because they don’t fit in with any destination topic or other specific topic. The object of these photos are thing that I saw on my travels and I thought made a statement or there was just something I felt was special that made for a nice picture. Periodically, I will add more photos to this page so check back and see my newly added miscellaneous photos.


While photographing birds at the Surfside Jetty, this man stopped and talked with me. As he walked away, this scene really spoke to me. There is something special about a man and his dog.

While hiking near Da Lat, Vietnam, I came across this abandoned rickshaw. The low clouds covering the hill in the background just seemed to capture a piece of forgotten history.

Charlie Chaplin QuoteCharlie Chaplin quote “A day without laughter is a day wasted”. I like this photo because of the quote but I also find it humorous to quote a silent movie actor. The other interesting thing about this photo is that it was taken in Mui Ne, Viet Nam. Sometimes I discover things in the most unexpected places.


Swarovski Starburst Series

Swarovski Starburst Lights on the Vegas Strip change colors and I combined three of these color changes into one picture. I think this picture is especially striking against the black night.


Chicken Crossing the Road

I finally found the answer to the age old Question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Answer: To keep from being ran over.


Goat eating car Antena

Did you ever wondered if there is anything that a goat won’t eat? My answer is “no”. This photo in Dibba, Oman of a goat eating a car’s antenna should be enough proof.