Middle East

The Middle East is by far the most different place from western society that I have ever been. The Middle East is home to some of the oldest history in the world and it is the place where the foundation of 3 major religions started. Religion is undoubtable the most influencing factor in the day to day life of the people in the Middle East. Religion is evident everywhere. It can be seen in the architecture, the clothing worn, the lifestyle, the work schedule, the laws, and the food. The things that comes to my mind when I think about the Middle East are ancient civilizations, hot and dry climate, religious history, distinctive food and lively markets (souks).

There are 14 countries in the Middle East and I have visited 2 of them, so far. I have made 2 trips to Middle Eastern countries. The Middle East is one of the regions that I have spent the smallest amount of time. In those trips I have seen some amazing places and most of those places I didn’t know much about until I visited them.

The Middle East has several famous sites to visit. The list below are some of the most famous tourist sites in the Middle East.
• Petra
Burj Al Arab
• Gold Souk
• Karnak Temple
• The Pyramids
• Egyptian Museum
• The valley of the Kings
• Abu Simbel
• Dead Sea
• The Holy Lands
Although these are the most famous sites in the Middle East, there are many other places to see that most people have never heard of but are amazing places to experience. Because of my limited time spent in the Middle East, I will be posting on my experiences in a few of the famous places in the Middle East and I will also be sharing my experiences from some of the lesser known places in the Middle East that I am sure that most people would enjoy learning more about.

I hope that you will enjoy my current post and that you will enjoy my future posts as I present the places in the Middle East as I have seen them through my eyes and my camera.

Middle Eastern Countries

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