Latin America

One of my favorite reasons for traveling is to experience the amazing cultures around the world. One of the things that I like the most about Latin American cultures is the passion that the Latin American people have for their art, music, dance, festivals and food. The things that comes to my mind when I think about Latin American are adventure, bright colors, ruins from ancient civilizations, Catholic Churches and ecological with incredible nature (beaches, mountains, volcanoes, jungles and rainforests) and an amazing amount of wildlife.

There are 20 countries in Latin America and I have visited 10 of them, so far. I have made 12 trips to Mexica alone and 8 trips to other Latin American countries. Most of those trips I have visited just one country and other trips I have visited multiple countries. In those trips I have seen many of the most famous sites in Latin America and many places that I didn’t know much about until I visited them.
Latin America is full of famous sites to visit. The list below are some of the most famous tourist sites in Latin America.

• Amazon Rain Forest
Panama Canal
• Galapagos Islands
Chichen Itza
Arenal Volcano
• Easter Island
• Machu Picchu
• Teotihuacan
• Christ the Redeemer Statue
• Iguazu Falls
• Angle Falls
• And many others

Although these are the most famous sites in Latin America, there are hundreds of places to see that most people have never heard of but are amazing places to experience. I will be posting on my experiences in the famous places in Latin America and I will also be sharing my experiences at many places in Latin America that I am sure that most people have never heard of but would enjoy seeing if they knew they existed.

I hope that you will enjoy my current post and that you will enjoy my future posts as I present the places in Latin America as I have seen them through my eyes and my camera.

Countries in Latin America