Europa Point is the southernmost point in Gibraltar but the southernmost point in Europe is in Spain just across the Bay of Gibraltar. The lighthouse was built in 1841 and it provides a landfall reference point for vessels passing through the gateway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The view from the lighthouse is spectacular. In addition to being able to watch ship pass through the Strait of Gibraltar, Europa Point has nice views of the Bay of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. On clear days, it is easy to see Morocco from Gibraltar as is it less than nine miles separating Europe from Africa.

The Europa Point lighthouse is only 20 meters (65 ft.) tall but because of its position on top of the ocean cliff it is 49 meters (160 ft.) above sea level. The beacon form the lighthouse can be seen up to 20 miles from Europe Point.

The lighthouse is white with a red stripe in the middle which is also the colors of the Gibraltar flag. The light beacon flashes a red light every 10 seconds. The color and pattern of the light identify the lighthouse to the sailors so they won’t be confused with other flashing lights.

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