Clarke Quay is five block of restored shophouses and warehouses that have been converted into a trendy riverside night time entertainment spot. The restored warehouses alongside the converted shophouses make for a modern stylish atmosphere. It is located along the Singapore River on the edge of Singapore’s Central Business District.

Restaurants and Bars

The Clarke Quay development is packed with restaurants, bars, boutique shops and nightclubs which attracts both tourists and Singapore locals (particularly at night). Clarke Quay’s location makes for a picturesque setting on the river’s edge. Many of the restaurants provide alfresco-style dining and there are lots of restaurants with river views.


The renovated atmosphere of Clark Quay doesn’t stop at the river’s edge as the river is teeming with bumboats restored from Singapore’s past. Historically, the boats were used to for transporting cargo from ships anchored off shore to shore and vice versa. Today, the boats are used for a 40 minute cruise that passes by several of Singapore’s main attractions including, Raffle’s landing site, the Esplanade, Merlion Park, the ArtScience Museum, the Maria Bay Sands along with soaring skyscrapers of the Central Business District.

Covered walkway

One of my favorite features of Clarke Quay is the futuristic covered walkway. During the day it looks like giant umbrellas connected to provide shelter from the sun and rain but the architectural beauty of the walkway covering comes to light after dark. The covered walkway provides a colorful nighttime display of alternating colors which provided a modern quality to the historic architecture.

Water-play Fountain

At dusk water-play fountain comes alive when water rises up from the walking street where the passageway of four blocks of Clarke Quay converge. The fountain adds an additional focus point to all of the other night time attractions.

Clarke Quay at Night

Clarke Quay is more popular at night than during the day and it is much more colorful. The constantly changing colors of the covered walkway along with the colorfully lit Bumboats cruising the past on the river make Clarke Quay a beautiful sight to just sit and enjoy.

The Dust on My Shoes

Clarke Quay is the perfect example of melding Singapore’s historic architecture with its new modern architecture. While the warehouses maintain their historic look, the shophouses have been restored with an art-deco influence and the entire complex sits next to Singapore’s cutting-edge skyscrapers in the Central Business District.

The complex has a large diversity of restaurants to choose from and many of them have nice riverside views. The atmosphere is pleasant and it is a nice place to walk around and enjoy the surroundings. On the opposite side of the river there is a nice riverside walkway that is perfect for an after dinner walk along the river to enjoy the night lights of the city.

Clarke Quay is the perfect place for an evening activity. Go in the late afternoon and take a Bunboat tour and in the evening eat outside and listen to live music.

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