The visions that come to my mind when I think of the Caribbean are beautiful beaches, turquoise water, tropical birds, underwater sea life, palm trees blowing in the wind and spectacular sunsets. For me the Caribbean is romantic, relaxing, listening to island music and playing in endless sunshine.

The islands of the Caribbean have a common vibe based on the music, architecture, attitude and tropical setting but each island has its own unique culture shaped by their colonial history. The islands of the Caribbean have been individually influenced by the British, Dutch, French, Spanish, United States and by major ethnic groups such as Africans and East Indians.

There are 26 countries/territories in the Caribbean and I have been lucky to have visited 9 of them, so far. Some of the Islands I have visited for just a short time but many of them I have stayed for a week or longer and I was fortunate to live in Trinidad for a total of one year. In those trips I have seen many beautiful beaches and lots of amazing sea life but there is more to the Caribbean than the sand and the water.

The Caribbean is full of beautiful ocean scenes and unmatched sunsets. The topics that I will be posting on will include the famous beaches that you would expect but I will also have topics that might surprise you. Listed below are some of the topics that I will be posting on from the Caribbean.

• Beaches
• Underwater Wildlife
• Forts
• Caves
• Volcanoes
• Tropical Wildlife
• Monuments
• Churches
• Activities
• Events
• Other nature sites

The list above is intentionally generic because I want to keep some of the details as a surprise for my posts. My posts will be on the places in the Caribbean that I enjoyed the most and on my experiences at those sites. Many places that I will feature will be well known to a lot people but I am sure that many other places will be completely unknown to most people.

I hope that you will enjoy my current post and that you will enjoy my future posts as I present the places in the Caribbean as I have seen them through my eyes and my camera.

Countries in the Caribbean