About Me

 I grew up in small town on the Texas Gulf Coast. During my youth, I spent a lot of time in nature and I became fascinated by wildlife.

I never thought that I would travel the world but once I discovered the all amazing things that there are to see and do then I developed an intense passion to experience everything that I can.

I have truly lived my life in pursuit of traveling to new places to experience different cultures, to see incredible man-made achievements and to admire amazing natural wonders.

I literally have tried to see and do everything that I can squeeze into the time that I have been given. I have seen many amazing and unusual things in my travels and I have photographed everything that I could.

While my travels have taken me far away from my small town Texas roots, I have never lost my appreciation for the time that I am able to spend in nature and my fascination with wildlife.

This blog is a combination of the passion that I have for traveling and the lifelong desire that I have for being in nature and seeing wildlife.